A gym designed for strength training

Located just outside the city centre on Little Tennis Street in Nottingham, our 3000 square foot gym has everything you could need – including a variety of membership options, meaning anyone can train here.

From a 300kg Eleiko plate and bar set, to 1000kg of calibrated Rogue plates and four Ohio bars, to more squat racks than any other gym in Nottingham, to 20 other specialist training bars (Texas Deadlift Bar, Rogue, Eleiko, Pendlay etc) and 4 lifting platforms; there’s nothing you’ll find lacking here. We also have over 5000kg of other Olympic plates, including bumpers. We run the gym to make sure our members get the equipment they need, so we routinely add kit based on the needs of our membership.

Opening hours are 7.30am to 9pm Monday to Thursday, 7.30am to 7.30pm on Friday, 8am to 2pm on Saturdays, and 8am to 2pm on Sundays.

We’re open to the general public, so please have a read of our membership rates and the RWF ethos. We want training here to be as inclusive as possible: whether you’re an experienced lifter or a complete newbie, the environment here will allow you to progress without many of the usual hindrances in a commercial gym.

If you’re in need of more personal, targeted training, we currently have four PTs – including three competing BDFPA powerlifters, and one British Weightlifting Development Squad member – who between them have well over 25,000hrs of one-to-one coaching experience.

Our equipment


Four Olympic lifting/deadlift platforms


9 squat racks, including 4 powercages

bench press icon

3 dedicated competition bench press stations


A heavy duty leg press and Rogue Reverse Hyper


Cable crossover machine with two 100kg weight stacks

Membership Options

Views from our members...

  • Really friendly and helpful staff,all the equipment is really good and there is plenty to choose from,highly recommend this gym to all that want to loose a bit of weight and get fit.
    Simon Kearton
  • A different kind of gym! Relaxed atmosphere, great selection of equipment and quality, friendly approachable staff ... best gym I've ever been too ... can't recommend it enough!
    Mandhir Singh Dhillon (from Facebook)
  • Nottinghams hidden gem of a gym. Would recommend to anyone interested in improving their physique, Fitness levels or day to day life.
    Jake Shore (from Facebook)
  • Real people Real world training advice Real fun Real-ly great attitude Real-ly worth a look if you're Real-ly serious about strength & performance
    Rachel France (from Facebook)
  • Excellent facilities with great coaching and awesome to have powerlifting in Nottingham
    Sean Smithson (from Facebook)
  • Amazing place, if you want to get in shape get down here
    Paul Gore (from Facebook)
  • Fantastic gym. Competitive but super friendly atmosphere. More than enough equipment and owners keen to push constant improvement in facilities.
    Joshua Turnbull (from Google)
  • Great gym! The owners are nice people and the gym has the best equipment. Perfect if you're advanced or a complete novice. The best gym I've ever been to.
    Chris Adams (from Google)
  • This gym is the most friendly gyms in the world, the guys and girls do anything to help you pointing out top and hints if you require or smash you head phones on and away you go. The kit is good proper good kit, the members are all awesome talkative helpful but not intrusive! Will be back once a month. And if was closer to me would join without hesitation cheers guys! The 'big' D ????️‍
    David Kemp
  • ...Whilst at RWF I have developed a passion for power-lifting, and aided by the guidance of Tim (my PT) and Derran, the other PT's and indeed a few of the other members it has changed my view on exercise and the gym entirely - a year ago I had never entered a gym (nor did I think I wanted to!) but now I want to be there everyday and I intend to enter a powerlifting competition next year - and I know everybody at RWF will support me along the way.
    David Wheatcroft