RWF Gym is owned and run by two experienced lifters.

Between us, and the gym staff that work here, we have a wealth of experience in all areas – including powerlifting.

If you’re in Nottingham and want to get strong, we’re the place to visit.

Powerlifting at the Gym

The gym is set up to be very supportive of all goals, including powerlifting. So, you’ll find Eleiko plates and bars, Rogue Ohio bars, deadlift bars, 10 sturdy squat racks, deadlift platforms, 4 competition-style, IPF standard bench press stations as well as all the bands, speciality bars and additional kit needed for the sport.

If you’re already competing, we think you’ll find the RWF Gym much more conducive to your training than a typical commercial gym. Both equipped and non-equipped lifters are welcome. The only requirement we have is that all gym members are drug-free – we don’t accept gym members that use performance enhancing drugs. To read more on this, please see our ethos

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