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RWF Gym offers excellent personal training, run by our sister company, Real World Fitness PT.

We’ve invested in quality equipment, training and  facilities to make sure your personal training is delivered to the standard you expect.

Personal training is carried out on the gym floor, but we have more private areas away from prying eyes! This means that no matter what your confidence levels, or ability, you can train with us without fear of being overlooked by the wider gym.

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Personal Trainers

Whether you’re wanting to lose a few pounds, get fitter, or improve your sporting performance, we can help. We have extensive experience in rehabbing injuries – particularly knees and backs – and work closely with local medical professionals to make sure your training is always effective and safe.

RWF PT has been established for over 7 years, and is a fully fledged Ltd Co in it’s own right. We have four PTs – including two National level competing powerlifters and one British Weightlifting competitor – and an extensive list of clients from all walks of life.

We’re also fully qualified in all things nutrition; having two members of staff with the Precision Nutrition qualification, and a third with a degree in Sport Science.

For more details of our personal training, please visit the RWF PT website or drop us an email here.

I have over 10 years worth of first-hand training experience. Within that time I’ve been diagnosed with, been treated for, and beaten cancer. I’ve broken my leg and snapped ligaments in my knee (not, I hasten to add, from poor training practices – we can blame football for that one!). My start weight when recovering from illness was 10.5 stone, and I now come in at a fairly lean 14 stone. So, not only do I know a thing or two about how to add on some muscle, but I can vividly remember what it feels like to start from scratch.
As a teenager and young adult I was always overweight. I was inactive and had many bad eating habits. One day I decided that I wanted to start exercising and eating right in order to lose weight and feel better about myself. I joined a gym, learned about nutrition and exercise and have never looked back!
I am a full time competitive athlete in the British Weightlifting Development Squad. After being spotted as having potential to compete for Great Britain internationally in the future for the Commonwealth Games and Tokyo 2020 Olympics, training now takes up most of my time around my career as a Personal Trainer. I recently won Gold in both the British Weightlifting Championships and the English Championships and am ranked Number 1 in the UK in my weight class.
For many years I was working a job that consumed me, it was a high stress job that I didn’t enjoy. This, coupled with a terrible diet, built around convenience, drinking too much too regularly and a twenty a day smoking habit meant bad habits meant that at the beginning of 2013 I was unhealthy, over weight and unhappy. On the 31st November that year (it’s a memorable date for me!) I decided I’d had enough, I had hit a breaking point. I quit my job and smoking on the same day! I cut out the junk food, drinking and started trying to get in shape.

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