Many of you will have been gym members before. Many will have experienced the long waits for equipment, broken kit, messy gym floors and gym staff that don’t take much interest in you.

We want to be very different. We want a community based on respect for each other and the equipment. So, here’s our “what we’re about” stuff. Hopefully, this is what you’re about too.

RWF Ethos

  • This is first and foremost a gym for effective training.

    We expect all members to train properly, safely and effectively. All members will have access to free help with their exercise form, regardless of their PT status. Please, please don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice. We are not just here to sell you PT sessions or protein shakes; we want to help.

    For this reason, we’ll ensure that everyone training on the gym floor is performing exercises safely.

    If a member of the RWF team thinks you can’t handle the weight you’re training with, we’ll intervene. We’ll at the very least offer to spot you. This is not intended to belittle anyone or damage anyone’s ego; it’s simply to make sure people are working within their abilities. Challenging yourself and others is one thing; lifting far beyond your means is quite another.

    It doesn’t matter if you’ve been training 10 years, or you’re twice the size of the PTs. If we don’t think it’s safe or sensible, we will challenge it. Please understand our reasons, and it’s NEVER because we’re trying to intimidate or embarrass someone.

    Oh, and if you want to text between sets on your mobile? That’s fine. We don’t mind. Just don’t take up equipment for too long because you’ve got engrossed in a funny cat video and end up having 10 minute rest breaks rather than 2.

  • Respect each other’s training.

    All our members are at different stages in their training. All members have different confidence levels!

    Our female members are here to train just as hard as the guys (actually, harder generally!). It’s not acceptable to think “me man, this my gym” here at RWF.

    Everyone has equal right to every bit of equipment, and everyone has the right to enjoy their training without having to worry about comments or being stared at. Banter between members is one thing; being creepy is another.

    Equally, other guys at the gym are not there to be glared at by the “stronger” guys for daring to use “their” equipment.

    Again, this is awkward for everyone, so just don’t do it.

  • You’re allowed to make noise!

    Many gyms discourage noise, either from lifters or from equipment. We don’t.

    There’s a caveat here: making noise for the sake of it (attention seeking etc) or deliberately slamming weights down/dropping them is never acceptable. We have lifting platforms for Olympic lifting, and designated deadlift areas. Please try and use these areas whenever possible.

  • Clothing

    Normal, suitable gym clothing is all allowed. Leggings, vests, hoodies etc – all fine. It is not OK to train in jeans, work boots or topless (male or female!). Footwear should be worn at all times when moving around the gym floor, BUT if you prefer squatting or deadlifting without shoes that’s fine – just please wear socks or deadlift slippers (hygiene and all that!) and make sure you stick footwear back on when you leave that station.

    Lifting belts, shoes, straps and knee sleeves/wraps are all encouraged where necessary/preferred. If you don’t have these items, just ask – you can borrow and try out, and even buy from us if needed.

    Selfies in the mirrors? If you must – but keep yourself clothed and don’t get in the way of people lifting.

  • Food and Drink

    Feel free to bring whatever you like within reason. That means shakes, protein bars, Tupperware etc. Please, please don’t bring overly smelly foods though! Fish, curried items, eggs etc all linger and make a pretty unpleasant training environment for everyone else.

    A selection of supplements and foods are available to purchase, whilst fresh drinking water is always available free of charge from the kitchen area.

  • Chalk

    Chalk is actively encouraged. We sell it within the gym, but of course, feel free to bring your own. If you forget yours, ask and you can borrow some without charge.

  • Fault reporting

    Notice anything that’s not working? Something looking worn? Something dangerous? Don’t assume we know about it. Although we do weekly visual inspections, there’s a chance we can miss something. We’ll never take it as moaning if you point out potential issues to us! Also, we aim to replace broken/damaged equipment within 10 days at most. We will not make you wait months for us to fix equipment. That might be a refreshing change if you’ve come to us from a big commercial gym environment!

  • Respect

    This is HUGE for us here at the RWF Gym.

    Every person in this gym is here because they value a quality training environment, with high quality kit, friendly members and helpful, knowledgeable staff.

    We ask that everyone respect each other. You may be the biggest guy, or strongest girl, in the gym, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to belittle someone starting out. We will have a zero tolerance approach to intimidation, insults or belligerent swearing (swearing during a PB attempt is mostly acceptable!). Zero tolerance means just that – members will be told, and will be asked to leave and have memberships terminated if they repeatedly demonstrate this kind of behaviour.

    Similarly, being aggressive towards gym staff for any reason is not acceptable, and won’t be tolerated.

    We’re not expecting a boring, false smiles Utopia. We understand not everyone likes everyone else, and that people have bad and good days. All we ask is to leave non-training related problems at the door, and certainly not take out frustrations on other people.

    And what of the poor, helpless equipment? Well, it’s a gym. Things get broken, things are expected to take some punishment. Treat the equipment for what it’s designed for; and if it breaks, that’s our problem, not yours. If in doubt, ask us – and we’ll explain where, and what equipment to use, to do different exercises. Throwing dumbbells around from a great height however…not cool.

    Please also leave the toilets and kitchen area as you’d like to find it yourself. Of course we’ll tidy up and clean, but every little helps from you guys tidying up after yourselves too!

  • Everything has a place.

    At the start of every day, every piece of equipment will begin the day where it is supposed to live.

    If you get a piece of equipment from somewhere, please return it there when you’re done.

    Please don’t leave equipment on the other side of the gym.

    Please unrack, and deload, bars. You might think leaving some 20s on the bar is OK because “everyone starts with 60kg”, but the fact is, some don’t. For some people, taking a 20kg plate off a bar is a struggle. For some people, they can’t physically lift and put back a 40kg dumbbell that’s been left in the middle of the gym floor.

    As PTs, we’ll sweep the gym and return things to their rightful place, but please, please do your bit too.

  • Parking

    RWF Gym operate a first come, first served parking scheme. We have eight spaces dedicated to the gym, but the whole car park is a free-for-all with the other businesses on the unit.

    We can only allow people to park here whilst they are in the gym. We can’t allow people to park and head into town as we just don’t have enough spaces!

    Parking restrictions apply on one side of the main road between 9am and 5pm. When these lift, parking is allowed on the single yellow lines. During the day, there are plenty of spaces on the road to park within less than a minute’s walk of the gym. Of course, parking anywhere is at your own risk and we don’t take any responsibility for your car!

    At evenings and weekends, there is plenty of parking space right next to the gym.

    If you aren’t able to walk far (injury for example), please call us in advance of coming down and we’ll reserve a space right outside the gym door for you. Equally, if you have small kids with you, let us know – we’ll reserve a spot.

  • Heating and Aircon

    We’ll always try to keep the gym comfortable, but extremes of outdoor temperatures will sometimes make this tough! Please don’t play with the aircon or heating controls as it messes up the plan! There are floor fans throughout the gym in summer, and in winter…well…wear a nice RWF hoody or train harder!

  • Music

    If the gym is busy, we’ll just stick a generic gym-type playlist on.

    If the gym is relatively quiet, ask us if you want anything in particular on. If no-one has any major objections, we’ll change it.

    Of course, if there’s ever kids in the gym we’ll have to veto sweary stuff.

  • Competing

    Some of us here compete in powerlifting competitions up to National standard. We’d LOVE more people to compete with us. If you have any interest, ask us – it’s not as scary as it may seem.

  • Suggestions

    Any ideas for improvements? We are keen to make this place somewhere that everyone has a say in, BUT, we have a budget to stick to and other members to consider. If we reckon an idea has merit, we’ll do our utmost to make it happen. When it comes to equipment, we’ll also do our best to exceed your expectations in terms of amount and quality of kit.

  • Zero tolerance to “performance enhancing drugs”

    So – if we’re saying zero tolerance, why have we put this last? Well, we don’t want people to think that we’ll have that kind of problem here. We don’t expect to have that issue.

    We don’t expect that many, if any, of the members at this gym will be tempted to use performance enhancing drugs. Whilst the usage of this kind of thing is YOUR choice, it’s OUR choice that it doesn’t happen on these premises, ever. Anyone caught using or distributing banned substances will immediately have their membership terminated.

    This is not a statement that we make “because we have to”, it’s because we genuinely mean it. Zero tolerance means zero tolerance.

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