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  • Lydia Sansome
    I started training at RWF four months ago, and I have never made a better decision in my life. As a student with a part time job I try to be very careful with my money… And I will tell everybody this; personal training with RWF is the best thing I ever have spent my money on. As a teenage girl I am constantly bombarded by the media with images of stick thin women and fake fitness. Personal trainers from other gyms had previously told me that it wasn’t attractive for a girl to get “too big” or “too muscle-ly” so I never had any encouragement to get fit and healthy.
  • Simran Purewal
    The biggest things I’ve learnt through these sessions with Tim was the nutrition side of things and the information he passed on is something which I will be able to carry with me for a long time helping to sustain the weight I’ve lost. We learnt how to use machines and free weights in the gym without feeling silly. My goal was to go to university with a flat stomach and more confidence, and I went away with not only that, but also the knowledge and drive to keep moving forward on my journey.
  • Gareth Bates
    I realised I was fat. Not just a little bit overweight, but FAT (17st3lb at 6ft)! I did what lots of other people do, I started to eat less and exercise more. I started going to the work gym, but after an induction of how to use the machines, I was left to my own devices... Fortunately I was then contacted by RWF, asking was I interested in getting fitter? So I went in and spoke about my goals, my situation and my injuries. They explained how RWF works, it would be a one to one session in a private gym and they would provide guidance on nutrition – exercise and nutrition working hand in hand – so I thought, let’s give it a go! Six months later, I’m another stone lighter, stronger, fitter, healthier and also find I’m standing taller than before!
  • Rachel Gimson (RWF Trainer: Tim Wheatcroft)
    Tim taught me the foundations of a good diet. He provided recipes, meals plans, weekly instructions, tips on preparing food and always made sure I was track with my nutrition. Having the accountability really helped me keep on track. Since training in the private gyms at Real World Fitness without feeling like I am constantly being watched and judged. I have learnt to deadlift with what I’m told is perfect form, squat with perfect form...
  • Mike Grogan
    I had a prolapsed disc, causing sciatica and due to the pain I had stopped any training for about a year and a love of beer and food had helped me pile on some weight. I also had reached a point where I couldn’t put my socks on in a morning without pain and a struggle, which for anyone who has had a similar issue is a really morale sapping way to start the day. Derran and Tim worked with me to understand what I could & couldn’t do (at this point I couldn’t squat or deadlift an empty barbell without pain) and talked through where I wanted to get to in the future. They then built an initial 3 month plan based on building my core strength, weak hamstrings and glutes and working me back up toward some of the main lifts.